More Clock Crew classics, new on Youtube this month

2009-05-26 12:32:37 by ClockCrew

We now have some more classic Clock Crew shorts on Youtube for all to see!!!

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StrawberryClock is the King of the Portal.
You cannot defy StrawberryClock.
Everybody loves StrawberryClock.
Vote 5. StrawberryClock demands it.


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2009-05-26 12:42:00

Aww....Yes, Classics!
Thanks ClockCrew!


2009-05-26 13:29:57

By not loving the Clock Crew, you do not love clocks. By not loving clocks, you will never know the time. I salute the Clock Crew for giving us the time!

Wait, what?


2009-05-26 14:34:44

Pretty damn good.


2009-05-26 15:01:04

Whatever, fag.
We all know StrawberryClock was Tom Fulp not having a girl as desperate for small dicks as April. That's why the clocks have way more recognition than anyone deserves, they're like a crossover between a V-mask-wearing gimmicks and Kyle from South Park. Every fucking year someone tries to bring back this stupid fad with <enter stupid name here>Clock, which isn't gonna work, it never worked, and the ClockCrew died a long time ago, only to be remembered by pesky pre-teen rejects. Even i-bot isn't this much of a whore.


2009-05-26 15:03:58

Just like Professional Wrestling and Glam Rock.
Some things really should be tucked in the fucking coffin, not revived as pathetic zombies.


2009-05-26 15:35:48

Tell me did you get permission from those rightful authors?


2009-05-26 15:57:06

i shall obey you strawberryclock


2009-05-26 17:18:26

u guyz r da masterz


2009-05-26 17:31:16

Happy Lock Day


2009-05-26 17:49:18



2009-05-26 19:34:47

Ownage. Good to see the crew's back into swing.


2009-06-01 22:22:25

Hello StrawberryClock, I was thinking since I'm new here at newgrounds if I could join the Clock Crew.I am FoxClock, a clock that looks like a fox...
So, Please message me back if I can or cant


2009-08-06 10:06:11

StrawberryClock is a wonderfully artistic human being who has the spirit of a lion and the brain of a Fused Super Saiyan Albert Einstein / Stephen Hawking. If only their was a way to let him rule the world everyone would be in the utopia of their dreams. God is jealous of StrawberryClock because Strawberry is real and god isn't. He is a real hero of the universe and portal. When aliens find us or we find them all we need to do is show the his works and we will live in harmony with every living creature in every galaxy. StrawberryClock has obviously evolved from superior race of humans long forgotten, now their genes have come together in his almighty form. If we could just somehow grant him eternal life the whole human race would benefit from his meer presence alone.
He simply proclaimed himself King of the Portal because didn't belittle the people of Earth. Soon the time will come when he is called to lead the nations of Earth to a greater purpose, and when that time comes you shall all witness his true glory. All hail StrawberryClock, he is more of savior than Jesus, Muhammed, Moses, Abraham, Buddha, and Ghandi combined. While at the same time being coposed of the same molecules as you, his are more intuned with the forces of nature. Gravity, electro-magnetism and all the nuclear forces are his to control. HE IS THE GREATEST PRODUCT OF THE UNIVERSE. Thank you SplatterSocom.


2009-09-03 19:25:46

It's such a shame, but the Clock Crew is dead.


2010-03-26 22:41:15

UUUmmmmmmm..........who's that clock that has a fox tail and is white and has a blue hat?This question is not for the youtube videos but for that character.


2010-06-09 09:55:17

@IamWeird33: The Clock Crew is neither a democracy or a capitalist organisation. Once you sign up for the Clock Crew, everything you submit in the name of the Clock Crew becomes part of the Clock Crew. The Clock Crew is right to do whatever with what the Clock Crew owns, including submitting it to the Clock Crew youtube account in name of the Clock Crew. The Clock Crew loves you. The Clock Crew. The Clock Crew. The Clock Crew. The Clock Crew... Clock.. Crew. Clock. Crew. BBZzzzt.


2010-08-07 03:37:22 .com/ .com/
I h8clocks


2010-08-19 18:57:17



2011-03-28 01:36:46

Arcade Clock requires companionship.


2011-10-08 09:27:54





2011-10-10 21:53:19



2011-10-12 18:04:35



2011-10-29 05:47:42

Love your clockwork xD


2011-12-11 15:02:57

clock crew you so cool make a flash named sbc vs pube muppet and bana lock


2011-12-11 15:36:20

hey clock crew make a creator in the moring


2011-12-19 01:36:25

do you like my new flash? /586087

u and StrawberryClock inspired me


2011-12-30 04:47:19

dear clock crew had you saved clock topia ps well done kian44